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Brexit Update - August 2020


Dear Customer

Last year we began updating you on our plans to ensure that the high level of customer service you expect from Hambaker Pipelines will be maintained through the Brexit transition period and beyond.

Despite the COVID-19 situation and the challenges it brought with it we have continued to move forward with our planning. Indeed, in many ways the Covid-19 crisis has enabled us to stress-test our supply chain resilience under live conditions. I’m therefore delighted to inform you that through the dedication of our people, our supply chain partners and the co-operation of valued customers like yourselves, we were able to maintain the highest levels of service.

We play a key role in keeping vital industry sectors and verticals such as Water, Infrastructure and Critical Buildings supplied with essential goods and services, and we will never let ourselves become complacent. Therefore, as a result of these recent experiences, I can reassure you with absolute confidence that Hambaker Pipelines is Brexit-ready.

The fundamentals of our business model remain strong and we will continue to review our readiness, particularly in the following areas:

  • • Stock levels
  • • Supply chain resilience
  • • Critical supplies for our UK plants
  • • Systems

My team and I are at your disposal should you have any concerns or are aware of any best practice you consider we may benefit from.

Yours sincerely

Lee Goodall

General Manager, Hambaker Pipelines