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Brexit Update - October 2020


Dear Customer

Since writing to many of you in August to outline our preparedness for Brexit, we have seen the re-emergence of Covid-19 and the introduction of Government measures designed to control its spread. I therefore felt the time was right to update with regards to our business continuity planning.

I would like to start by saying that all our people fully appreciate that they play a critical role in keeping vital service providers supplied and operational, to that end we have taken all necessary measures to protect the safety of our people and those of our partners by ensuring that our offices, factories and stock grounds are Covid-19 safe. Those that can work from home are doing so and our systems have been stress tested to ensure that we can support remote working indefinitely.

Our stockholding has been maintained at a level in excess of £17m at our central stock ground at Ilkeston, with particular emphasis on stocks of long lead time bought in items, where we have adjusted our replenishment models to reflect the potential disruption which could be caused to supply chains by both Brexit and Covid-19. We also have access to a further £50m stockholding held within our business in continental Europe.

For goods manufactured by us in the UK such as Municipal Castings and Flanged Pipes we have identified critical elements and components and whilst there is no current evidence of shortages we have taken steps to ensure that we will be able to maintain continuity of supply at higher than current output levels if required to do so. 

During the initial national lock-down it is fair to say that we were less prepared than we are today and yet despite this we were able to maintain our on-time, in full, error free delivery performance at 92.6%. We therefore remain confident but not complacent in our ability to maintain continuity of supply throughout what will inevitability be some challenging times ahead. 

I would like to conclude by reassuring you that at the time of writing, we are not experiencing delays or shortages and that that we will continue to work with you, our valued customers and our supply chain partners to ensure that continuity of supply remains uninterrupted. All we would ask of you is that you kindly provide us with as much advance notice of your programme of works as possible, as this will help us ensure we have the products available the moment you require them.

On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank you in advance for your ongoing support and to wish you and your families a successful and healthy end to 2020.

Kind Regards

Lee Goodall

General Manager, Hambaker Pipelines

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