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Flexible delivery wins the business

The ability to meet specific, multi-date delivery windows has clinched a deal to supply ductile iron pipework for a major new Asda distribution centre at Avonmouth.

Ham Baker Pipelines has supplied 250mm ductile iron pipework and fittings for the site’s fire main; a total of 1.6km of pipeline.

Contractor Paul Badger Pipelines was required to install the pipework in two phases and with storage on site impossible, delivery on two specific dates was also required to complete the work on schedule.

Ham Baker Pipelines’ General Manager Darren Wood says: “A key element of our service is delivering what the customer wants, when they want it. We work hard to develop good relationships with our customers and in situations like this, it means that we can support them with precisely the delivery schedule that they need to fulfil their commitments to their own customers.”

The £70 million project will see a new 616,000sq ft chilled and frozen facility and distribution centre built on the 40-acre site at Avonmouth, designed to support 123 Asda stores.

For Paul Badger proprietor of Paul Badger Pipelines, the nature of the installation dictated the choice of ductile, as he explains: “The complexity of the projects means we had to complete this element of construction in two separate phases. On a job like this, we much prefer to work with ductile as it is more solid, more stable and much easier to install, particularly when you have a tight schedule to meet.”

The choice of pipeline supplier was also paramount as Paul adds: “Given the nature of the site, it was impossible to store the pipes. We needed delivery to be made on two specific dates so that we could get to work as soon as the site was available to us. With Ham Baker, we knew we could be confident that the material would be there when we needed it.”