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Ductile Iron Pipe & Process Range

  • EN545 from 80mm - 2000mm
  • EN598 from 80mm - 2000mm
  • A range of further specialised pipe coatings available
  • Anchored systems and gaskets available
  • Extensive stock available


  • Ductile iron pipes and fittings are vital components of fire protection networks, with valves, pillar hydrants and aerial sprinklers networks.
  • All of these components, individually tested and approved by FM, form a fire protection system with a high level of performance required for any industrial site.
  •  Ductile iron pipes and fittings run through all areas and irrigate all installations and buildings of plants. Their resistance to physical and chemical stresses, and pressure is crucial.
  •  Ductile iron is the REFERENCE material of FM underground networks.
  •  Pipes and fittings approved by FM approval standard conform to the EN 545 first.


  • FM Approved Process Range and Blutop System depending on application
  • FM approval tested to 15-30 bar and carrying the FM Kitemark
  • FM Approved Process Range is coated black for identification purposes against potable and sewer water systems SG PAM Rapid socket design for ease of installation Suitable for over 90% of all soils in the UK 100y lifetime DN100-400 Restrained and unrestrained systems Complete system including Hydrants and Valves, both UK and American style suitable for FM/UL specifications
  • Suitable for Airport’s raw water systems

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