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Social Responsibility

Hambaker Pipelines takes its role in preserving the environment very seriously. The company has an active environmental policy and encourages its employees to play a participative role in environmental control. We will demonstrate our commitment to these values by the implementation of an environmental management system in accordance with the principles of BS EN ISO 14001.

Hambaker Pipelines works closely with legislative bodies, such as the Environment Agency, in monitoring and measuring its industrial activity. Almost all of company's products can be recycled - taking scrap iron and metal, re-heating and turning it into new products.

As the majority of its products are used in the water and waste-water industry, Hambaker Pipelines has an important role to play. As water companies invest billions in replacing and renovating worn out pipelines and building new water treatment works, our products are playing a critical role in maintaining and renewing the infrastructure in ensuring the nation’s supply of clean healthy water.