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At Hambaker Pipelines:

  • We will create a company culture that will allow our people to develop to their full potential.
  • We will promote diversity, ensure equal opportunities, eradicate discrimination and create an engaged and motivated workforce.
  • We will protect our people and stakeholders from the risks of occupational injury and ill health through continuous improvement of our health & safety culture and performance.
  • We will interact positively with our local community.
  • We will provide our customers with high quality products and innovative solutions to deliver a more sustainable environment and infrastructure.
  • We are committed to customer education, training and skills development and promoting awareness of more sustainable solutions.
  • We are committed to ethical sourcing of products.
  • We will actively reduce our impact on the environment by:
    • Maximising resource efficiency in planning, design, waste minimisation and recycling.
    • Reducing our direct and indirect emissions.
    • Reducing energy consumption across all parts of our Business and source an increasing proportion of our requirements from renewable energy sources.
    • Positively managing our biodiversity impacts and enhancing wildlife and habitats for the future.

We will demonstrate our commitment to these values through reporting our performance in an annual sustainability report.